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About Me

I am a holistic practitioner and a life coach. I have lived in 6 different countries and speak many languages. I have had quite an entrepreneurial journey which started at the age 12 when I got my mum to sign agreement she would be an agent for a newspaper which I actually was managing and I hired another girl to deliver. I got the taste of independence and that was it.

Years later, after studying marketing, I launched an art gallery which had a cafe on site so throughout the years my businesses have had some connection to food. After moving away from the gallery world, my focus was entirely on food related businesses. I became the biggest raw food coach, in face to face classes, in the world and also gained an International award for innovation with raw food snacks, and few national awards in the UK for flavour and quality .


I have been teaching yoga since 2006 which lead to my interest for meditation and then mantras and the benefit of self reflection. Creating mantras for my clients is a part of my services. A mantra can help you stay focused on the topic that is on the top of your mind in that moment.


With me you will be working with someone that is very much result-oriented and ambitious. I have a great way in putting things to words and extremely patience. I will not hold you accountable, that job is yours. However multiple sessions can be very beneficial to help you realising what it is that you need or want right now.


AM Consulting is about I combining many of my experiences in one where I can help people to become more focused and to identify their true self. I will combine nutrition, if needed, with consulting techniques, mantras and general wellness advice.

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